UX/UI Case Study

Project Overview

  • Hohob is a platform where people can connect socially and communicate with each other in every possible way (almost). The main purpose of the Hohob is to make navigation easy and easy to use. People can share the content using the chat feature in the app. People can too make connections nearby plus this app provides its own camera with trending filters and the
    user can even play with their friends on the app itself. People can listen to music to freshen up the atmosphere. Friendly payments are acceptable with the hohob app.User can use zombie mode to make yourself invisible on the Hohob app. Even the user can track their activities by custom dates, to control the usage of the social media. There are many more features, download hohob to explore!

Problem Statement

  • The major problem with young people is that they spend too much time on social media sites, which could damage their eyes. Social media is filled with fake profiles, therefore we can’t trust the unidentified person and the business account. In addition, users always navigate to another site to listen to music, and they are also unable to locate anyone nearby. The last one is social networking rarely offers a payment method.

UX Design Process

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Enchancement

Application Ratio

  • According to the research, around 85% of the people use the Application over Websites.

Target User

  • Maximum number of user are between 18 to 24 which are Gen z and 25 to 34 years of people which are millennials. It is clear from the survey that our target users will be between 18 to 35 of age.

Interview Insights

Competitive Analysis

User Persona


  • Provide a feature where user can track their activities by custom dates.
  • User secure login method with the help of their national identity, to stay away from fake profile.
  • Addition of music player to the social media app.
  • User can find the nearby people.
  • Offers the online payment feature.

Name, Logo and Slogan

  • The name Hohob itself means a ‘Social Person’ or a
    ‘Great Companion’.
    The slogan is ‘Frame your social space’, which means
    make your own friends with privacy.

Affinity Mapping

Information Architecture

User Flow

Story Boarding


Use Case Diagram

Low Fidelity Screens

High Fidelity Screens

2022 Designed Screens

2023 Designed Screens

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